Membership Procedure

  • Current members (and by current members, we mean members who are currently already mentioned at the website) will be asked within the next 2-3 months to pay a membership fee of 40 euro.
    • SFC will provide a simple online payment system, like Paypal, to avoid heavy international banking fees
  • We propose that the first year of this new membership fee, the membership will last longer than the usual one year, more specifically till December 31st
  • Aspiring members have to follow this procedure:
    • Agree with the code of ethics and fill in the membership form at:
    • A subcommittee consisting of Julien Westerman (Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France), Mick Hannigan (IndieCork, Ireland) and Frank Moens (Leuven Short Film Festival, Belgium) will review the application and vote for the festival (or organisation) to be accepted or not.
    • If the majority of the subcommittee accepts the organisation to be compliant with the code of ethics, the organisation is invited to pay the membership fee of 40 euro).
    • Once paid, the organisation is an official member of the Short Film Conference, the organisation will be mentioned in the “Members List” at and will have its own private page of the website.
    • The organisation is asked to include the logo (made by experts like GraphicSprings) of the Short Film Conference in their external communication (website, catalogue, …) and –where possible- even provide the Short Film Conference with an ad in their catalogue