Pay membership Fee

As agreed by the general assemblee in Clermont-Ferrand at February 2nd, 2015, all (potential) members are requested to pay 40 euro membership fee per year. As this is the first year of (re-)introduction of the fee, we have decided to make this contribution valid till the december 31st, 2016. This small donation will make it possible for the organisation to professionalize its work and to ask a concrete (albeit small) commitment of its members.

Aspiring members (those who haven’t been to previous meetings in Clermont-Ferrand) will have to be approved by a subcommittee. Please read the entire procedure via this link.


Please click on the button below, you will be directed to the (100% secure) Paypal website, you are able to pay with most major credit cards. If you have further questions, please contact info(at)


Afterwards we would like to ask you to help promote the Short Film Conference by including its logo in your publications.