Short Film Conference @ Clermont Ferrand 2015 – Monday February 2nd

Shortfilmconference is organizing a conference in Clermont-Ferrand, new style. We have taken your comments into account and will present a more dynamic, practical conference. We explicitly ask ALL (potential) members to be present during the general assembly, other activities are optional.


In preparation:

It would be great if some of the members (obviously not everyone is needed) would be willing to spend a few hours before the actual conference, thinking of a few key issues within the organisation of Shortfilmconference. More specifically about the new Code of Ethics as well as the question whether or not to ask an entry fee (and what the general ‘rules for acceptance into the Shortfilmconference’ can/should be). The idea is to present the general assembly later that day one (or: a few) yes or no question(s) to be voted on.

11.00 – Subcommittee 1 – Towards a new code of ethics (La Jetée)
13.00 – Subcommittee 2 – Membership fee and acceptance criteria (La Jetée)

Members are very much encourage to participate in one of these subcommittees. It deals with important aspect about our organisation. Please confirm your interest by mailing


The Shortfilmconference Programme:

16.00 – 16.40 : Digital file formats for aspiring nerds 

Motion JPEG-2000 vs “low-end” consumer formats like H264, semi-professional formats like Apple ProRes and the new standard of H265 which supports 4K video. What do you need to know, how to screen these files and can anyone see the difference in actual screening settings?
Theoretical explanation (with lots of visuals) will be concluded by the unveiling of FRED (Free DCP player), a custom designed DCP player for under 3.000 euro, connectible via HDMI.
Speaker: Frank Moens (Short Film Festival Leuven)
Location: Salle Grippel

16.45 – 17.30 : Creative Sparks Sessions – Festival marketing

These sessions are intended, exactly as advertise, to create in 20 minutes or less a spark towards a new idea, a new way of looking at things to promote your festival.

Will be present:

– Social media & Marking by Miguel Valverde (Indie Lisboa)

56.000+ likes on your Facebook page, for a festival celebrating its 12th edition this year; someone is doing something really good here. If we ask nicely maybe Indie Lisboa will charge some of their insights.

– Community targeting by Laurent Crouzeix (Clermont-Ferrand)

One of the many things we get impressed by visiting Clermont-Ferrand is the level of commitment by the local community: from pupils to taxi drivers, they seem to be personally involved with the festival. What can we learn from the festival we visit each year?

Location: Salle Grippel

17.30 – 18.30 : General Assembly

Unlike some other years, we would like to keep the general assembly short and to the point. The majority of discussions will be done already by the subcommittees preparing their case beforehand, the general assembly will be asked to vote on key points in regards to the future of the Conference. (potential) members that would like to bring up a point to the agenda are kindly asked to do this beforehand by mailing us at info(at)
Location: Salle Grippel

On the agenda (still incomplete):

  • General introduction of the organization, financial status, ao.
  • Presentation of the new “Code of Ethics”, prepared by the subcommittee (vote by members)
  • Pro’s and con’s of a membership fee, prepared by the subcommittee (vote by members)
  • (very) Short explanation of member pages of + encouragement to keep info up to date and complete.
  • Input and feedback of activities, feedback for next year


19.30 – Dinner

The menu can be accessed via this link, please indicate your preference for vegetarian or non-vegetarian while submitting your information, price is 25€ per person.

Location: Hotel Kyriad Prestige, Salle Coubertin – 25, avenue de la Libération


To join (part of) the Conference, please enter your information via Doodle

If you’d like to be part of the subcommittee, please mail us at info(at)