Travelling Distribution



Since 2007, Travelling Distribution (based in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada) is a pioneer in short film distribution and international sales, both in Quebec and internationally. With a catalogue of 200+ hand-picked titles including BROTHERHOOD (Oscar® Nomination), NO CRYING AT THE DINNER TABLE, HEAVEN REACHES DOWN TO EARTH and AN AVOCADO PIT, in addition to collecting hundreds of selections and awards annually at the world’s most prestigious festivals, Travelling has made a name for itself in the industry as a key player. Travelling is a breeding ground for talent and new cinematic voices, an ally that allows filmmakers to focus on what they do best… films!

Travelling Distribution welcomes local and international shorts of all genres. Our editorial line aims towards artistic quality, freshness and diversity in every sense of the term. Seeking to nurture quality relationships with collaborators, our approach to distribution is based on care, authenticity and hard work. To this day, Travelling solely dedicates itself to the distribution of short film, believing in the strong potential of the format and the importance of its promotion and dissemination.

Tam Dan Vu

(Artistic Director / Head of Communications)

Tam Dan Vu is Artistic Director / Head of Communications at Travelling Distribution. With a BA in Cultural and Media Production Strategies, Tam is a cinephile who seeks to bridge film to its audience. In 2013, she falls in love with short film at Québec Cinéma. Through an internship at H264, she’s invited to contribute to the genesis of Plein(s) Écran(s) – the world’s 1st film festival on Facebook – where she evolves as coordinator, communications director and programmer. Leveraging her creativity in digital marketing, she oversees the social media campaigns for the Oscar© race of three shorts that will get nominated – Fauve, Marguerite and Brotherhood. Meanwhile, she works in communications at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal for over two years. She joins Travelling in 2020, excited to champion the work of the next generation of filmmakers, to bring back the notion of branding and marketing into short film distribution and to find new territories for the medium… In addition to short film, Tam is developing a practice as a multidisciplinary artist.