Tenerife Shorts



Tenerife Shorts was founded in 2013 and takes place in the city of La Laguna. It is the International Short Film Festival from Canary Islands and brings to the island films from all around the world. The films are carefully selected, following quality and originality criteria, from the most outstanding works of the year through invitation, an open call and going through databases listing thousands of short films.

Tenerife Shorts focus on the discovery of new films and filmmakers in competitions with fiction films, animations, documentaries, and experimental films. The festival is organized by Tenerife Shorts Cultural Association which promotes the growth of Canary Islands short film scene.

Event date

February 2021

— Best International Film
— Audience Award
— Best Canary Film
— Best Family Short

Admin Address
Calle Domingo
Bello Espinosa 1
4A 38009
S/C de Tenerife

No entry fee.

Jose Cabrera Betancort

(Festival Director)