Short Waves Festival



Short Waves Festival is an international short film festival. Its 14th edition will be taking place in June 14 – 19, 2022 in Poznan.

Short Waves Festival is one of the most significant Polish festivals presenting exclusively short films. It’s a constellation of cinematic events scattered around Poznań’s urban landscape. Competition screenings are its core – sets of short films encompassing five categories: International Competition, Polish Competition, Dances with Camera, Urban View and Polish Experimental Short Film Competition.

Short Waves Festival additionally presents unconventional screening selections such as Comedy, Horror and Kinky Shorts, focus program (including geographic focus), industry segment, audiovisual events, music events. It also reaches beyond the screening room: open airs, clubs, art galleries, theatres and Poznanians’ private gardens known as Random Garden Cinema series.

Event date

14.06.2022 ⟶ 19.06.2022

International Competition is the main competition at the Festival for the best productions from all over the world, up to 30 min long. Topic, form and genre are not subjects of rules restrictions. The main goal of the Competition is to create a diverse programme with a fresh perspective on contemporary cinema and original film language.

Polish Competition is dedicated only for short film produced in Poland, up to 30 min long. Topic, form and genre are not subjects of rules restrictions. The Competition aims at presenting a diverse panorama of the latest short films, created by Polish filmmakers and at the same time open their way to international career by presenting them at the Festival.

Polish Experimental Film Competition is a short film competition focused on experimental and video-art forms, up top 30 minutes long and produced not earlier than in October 2019 without any formal and genre restrictions.

Dances with Camera is an international competition for short films, whose common language is dance and body movement. To participate in the selection are welcome dance productions from all over the world, which expose endless possibilities of physical expression, embodied through film medium, regardless of form and genre.

Urban View is an international competition for short films related to architecture, city planning and design understood as arts, as well as their social, cultural or economic aspects. A building, street, park or object cannot be just a part of scenery, the background to the story, but they must act as a key and the main character for the film. All film genres such as fiction films, documentaries, animations, video clips as well as experimental forms may be submitted.

Admin Address
Hawelanska 1,
61-625 Poznań,

Entry fee: $8-$20

Emilia Mazik

(Festival Director)

Emilia Mazik has a degree in Cultural Managment and in Philosophy both from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Since 2014 is a project coordinator at Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education in Poznan, Poland. She has worked on multiple interdiciplinary projects including educational activities, film programming and international short film distribution. In 2019 she has become a Festival Director of Short Waves Festival, which 12th edition will take place in Poznan in March 2020.