Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market / NoMaps Committee



The Sapporo Short Fest was launched with a clear vision to present the public with quality films and to share the values created in the films that are made with crafts of screenplay, cinematography and editing for the defined genre of the “short film”, not a shortened form of a feature film.
We are celebrating the fifth anniversary this year, and its steady growth is seen in that over 12,000 films from 120 countries and regions have fascinated a total of 40,000 viewers since the first SSF in 2006.

Event date

07.10.2022 ⟶ 10.10.2022 On site
21.10.2022 ⟶ 06.11.2022 Online

International competition for Grand prix and category awards

Admin Adress
ICC 2FH, higashi-Sapporo 5-jyo 1-tyome, Shiroishi-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido

Entry fee: Free student fee and general submission fees

Takashi Homma

(Managing director)

Organizing the short film festival since 2000.