Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS



Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS it is the first short film festival in the Baltics. 2ANNAS exists in a context where the format of the short film is not a step to the first
full-length work, but a deliberate, consistent choice that results in high-quality art work.

2ANNAS Festival is an independent film and audiovisual art festival that offers viewers an original, innovative, challenging, as well as socially active short and medium-length film programs. The short film and medium-length film competition categories are evaluated the latest and greatest the most artistically high-quality films from the Baltics and the world. Since 2013 the festival forms thematic out-of-competition programs.

Event date

9.04.2021 ⟶ 15.04.2021

The winners of International Short Film Competition and International Mid-length Competition will receive the “Golden Anna” statuette, the winner of Baltic Short Film and categories such as ‘Best Animation’, ‘Best Documentary’, Best Fiction, Best Mid-length will receive the “Gypsum Anna” statuette.