Ongezien Kort



Ongezien Kort is an Antwerp-based platform for new and upcoming film makers.

Our annual film festival takes place in Cinema Cartoon’s, a small, authentic mini-multiplex that has been offering quality cinema in Antwerp since ’78.

The goal of the festival is to show-case a wide variety of talent, and as such there are none of the traditional limitations on what kind of content can be submitted. We accept all genres (or those that transcend genre), as well as animation and documentary, or even true originals, who have thought of new and unique ways to experiment with film.

Ongezien Kort is aimed specifically at those who are making their start in filmmaking and wants to give them the attention and support they deserve. The screenings are interspersed with professionally edited interviews with the directors and the film festival is framed as a meeting space for those in the business. The prizes are aimed specifically at offering production support for upcoming projects.

Event date


Event Address
Cinema Cartoon’s
Kaasstraat 4-6
2000 Antwerpen

Entry fee: $10

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