Minimalen Short Film Festival



Annual short film event in Trondheim Norway, edition 37 coming up in 2025, with 250 films over 6 days. International market event: Nordic Shorts Expo.

Event date

21.01.2025 26.01.2025

Nordic Competition
International Competition
Dance Film Competition (Nordic & International section)
Norwegian One-minute-film Competition
Regional Student film Competition

Event Adress
Nova Kino
Olav Tryggvasonsgate 5
NO-7011 Trondheim

Admin Adress
Kjøpmannsgata 35,
NO-7011 Trondheim

Entry fee: $10-15 USD

Per Fikse

(Festival Director)

Per Fikse has been a short film programmer since 1994 and the festival director of Minimalen Short Film Festival since 1999.