Leiden Shorts

The Netherlands


We envision Leiden Shorts as both an alternative and sustainable creative space for national and international filmmakers to showcase their distinct voices. Our vision is in part to aid in the exploration of the storytelling power that short films have. Leiden Shorts aims to create a conversation that has far reaching impact sustained outside of the festival. We believe in cinema as a tool for social change, and we want to become an outspoken figure in both Leiden and the Netherlands’ cultural scene. We fully embrace diversity and inclusivity, not only in culture but also in discipline, medium and expression.

Highlighting passionate work that explores underrepresented narratives through unique aesthetics is at the heart of our curatorial practice. Our central focus is on creating a diverse and cohesive experience where a variety of different media can come together, where technology in cinema is met with interactive documentaries, VR films and other groundbreaking media

Above all, Leiden Shorts views art as a self-sustaining cycle that simultaneously shapes communities while it is shaped by the communities it’s created in. Our film competitions, as well as our growing collaborations with international figures and arts festivals, are just some of the ways in which we move to transform the future of short film.

Event date

02.09.2021 ⟶ 05.09.2021

International Competition: €1000
National Competition: €500
Student Competition: €500
Audience Award: €500

Event Address
Kijkhuis Leiden Vrouwenkerksteeg 10
2312 WS Leiden
The Netherlands

Admin Address
Pasteurstraat 48a
2316BW Leiden
The Netherlands

Entry fee: €4,5-€20,-

Mélissa Delmée Maletras

Festival Director

After graduating from the Sorbonne in Paris, Mélissa went to Guatemala where she worked in a cultural center and curated her first exhibition in collaboration with local young talents. She then moved to the Netherlands where she obtained a Masters. In 2017 she became the festival director, and one of the Senior Programmers, of Leiden Shorts. She also programmes for other international film festivals