Filmlab Palestine


cultural organisation

Established in 2014, Filmlab Palestine has set the goal of promoting and reviving cinema culture in Palestine, keeping in mind its vision of a professional, creative, and innovative film industry landscape. Filmlab´s philosophy is to create a new sustainable hub for creative local film production with a program contributing to networking, training, and educating film professionals and talents, realizing diverse, high-quality films in general and content for children. The accumulation of the efforts is gathered in the annual Palestine Cinema Days festival, connecting Palestine with the regional and international professional film industry, promoting Palestinian cinema culture and building an active local cinema audience.

Event date

October 2023

Palestine Cinema Days launched the Palestinian Sunbird competitions during its 2016 edition to support and celebrate Palestinian and foreign productions related to Palestine. For its 10th Edition, Palestine Cinema days will open its doors for all productions to participate in the Palestinian Sunbird Competition.
Local and international renowned film professionals join Palestine Cinema Days every year as jury members to select the winning films and projects.
The three categories of the Palestinian Sunbird competitions are:
  1. Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition 
  2. Palestinian Sunbird Short Film Competition     
  3. Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition 
The winning project of the Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition will receive a prize of $5,000.
The winning project of the Palestinian Sunbird Short Film Competition will receive a prize of $3,000.
The winning project of the Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition will:
  • Receive a grant of $10,000.
  • Use camera and sound equipment available at Filmlab Palestine during production.
  • Use color-grading and sound-editing facilities available at Filmlab Palestine during post production.
  • Benefit from Filmlab Palestine’s support in screening and distributing the film.

Hanna Atallah

(Founder / Artistic Director)

Hanna Atallah, is a filmmaker, producer and cultural art manager, based between Berlin and Jerusalem. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema Studies from the High Institute of Cinema in the Egyptian Academy of Arts. His experience covers filmmaking projects, both fiction and documentary. Atallah aims to empower unheard voices throughout his professional career. With the creation of the non-profit organization of “Filmlab: Palestine” in 2014 in Ramallah, he developed a platform to activate cinema culture, work on audience awareness and invest in professional knowledge exchange in Palestine, which opened the door for a regional and international network for Palestinian film professionals. Moreover, Atallah was the initiator, producer and manager of the Palestinian Memory Documentation Project in Talbiyeh Refugee Camp in Jordan. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Palestine Cinema Days.