Tehran International Short Film Festival

Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF)
TISFF is holding annually in October with National and International Competitions.
First TISFF had been held in 1983 as a non-competitive.
In 1984 the first regulation and entry form of international festival had been prepared and sent to the addresses of foreign filmmakers.
By attending at Clermont-Ferrand Film Market and other international events, many film makers from different countries had been familiar with TISFF therefore the festival had received more films.
In 2005 the festival joined International Short Film Conference.
In 2007 TISFF became member of SHORTFILMDEPOT and in 2015 a member of REELPORT.
In 2014 the festival had received almost 3000 films from 104 countries around the world.
The next edition of festival will be held in October 2015.
For submitting the films to TISFF, please visit the following websites:

Festival Address:
No 9, 19th Alley, Ahmed Ghasir Ave, Arjantin Sq.
151 39 15 311Tehran, Iran
P.O. Box: 15875/ 9544
Tel/ Fax: +98 21 88106836
Email: tehranfilmfest@gmail.com