Sedicicorto International Film Festival

Sedicicorto started in 2004 and is held every year in the month of October in Forlì. The Festival aims at offering visibility to young authors and at representing an opportunity of meeting and exchange among film industry professionals.

Known for its quality programming and the friendly welcome offered to all guests and professionals attending the event, over the years Sedicicorto has proven to be the Italian short film festival with the largest number of submissions (over 5,000 films submitted from 119 countries in 2016). Thanks to its consistent presence at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market with the Italian Short Film Corner – organized in collaboration with the Italian CNC and other Italian short film festivals – and thanks to the collaboration with the network of European short film festivals of the EuroShort Project –, Sedicicorto is constantly strengthening its image all over Europe.

The event aims at drawing the attention of the general audience, paying particular attention to children and the young audience with screenings and film literacy activities held during the Festival and all year round: among the others, Animare International Animated Film Festival, a festival entirely dedicated to children held during the summer in the seaside resort of Cesenatico.

ANIMARE International Animated Film Festival

ANIMARE is an animated film festival dedicated to children, held in the month of July in the seaside resort of Cesenatico. It represents one of the competitive sections of Sedicicorto and is being organized by the same festival: the call for entries is therefore also the same and the award is handed out during the closing ceremony of Sedicicorto.

Its peculiarity consists in the jury, among the youngest film festival jury in the world: 100 children from 4 to 13 years of age give their opinion on the films presented and choose the winners.

With the help of a varied and flexible language, ANIMARE aims at promoting film literacy, dialogue, and civic education. Children are the core of this event: with their special critical sense, they analyze and assess the films screened.