Québec City Film Festival

The annual Quebec City Film Festival (QCFF) will take place in the autumn, in September. Eleven days will be dedicated to an event that celebrates films and places them directly in the heart of Québec City, with the main goal of bringing people together for an experience that goes beyond the films.

Created around a core program of some 50 international and national feature films and paired with some 50 shorts films, the festival strives to create an experience that both film enthusiasts and casual viewers will enjoy. Each movie becomes an event, with the presence of filmmakers, actors and crew members. The festival is held in historical Old Québec City, the oldest city in North America. Screening rooms are chosen among the best locations and are fully equipped with seats, sound and projectors. The QCFF is proud to welcome you to one of the most enchanting settings in the world for a memorable film festival.