interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin

interfilm – International Short Film Festival Berlin

Beginning as a Super 8 film festival in 1982, the interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin has become one of the largest short film festivals in Germany and Europe, receiving 6,000 annual film entries and a continually growing audience of over 21,000 – firmly establishing itself as a vital part of Berlin’s cultural landscape.

interfilm’s goal is to bring together creative individuals from all over the world who work with short film and provide them with an international and culturally-political framework with which to showcase their work. Presenting a wide variety of short film productions comprising live action, animation, documentary and experimental films to enthusiastic audiences consisting of film industry professionals, students and the general public, interfilm is dedicated to the celebration and promotion of short film.

Through interforum, interfilm has moreover established a platform for the international and local film industries to facilitate the exchange of ideas, skills and support, meet new potential collaborators as well as find and support new talent with the International Script Pitch Competition.


KUKI – International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin

From its humble beginnings as a children’s film section at the interfilm Festival in 2000, KUKI’s growing success led to its eventual emancipation in 2008 when KUKI, the International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin celebrated its first edition as a festival in its own right. Known for its exceptional programming, KUKI is dedicated to presenting fabulous and unusual films that young people would otherwise rarely get a chance to see.

The festival comprises 3 KUKI competition programmes for children and 2 TeenScreen competition programmes for youth, the lively kindergarten screening for 4-6 year olds (with presenters and live-music), short documentaries, foreign language programmes (for ages 14+) in English, Spanish, and French as well as an environmental programme.


interfilm Berlin Short Film Distribution & Sales

Additionally, the interfilm Distribution and Sales Agency promotes a huge selection of short films, both individually and in feature-length curated programs throughout the year and around the globe.