Île Courts-International Short Film Festival of Mauritius

Created in 2007, Île Courts–International Short Film Festival of Mauritius is a cinema factory in Mauritius. Ran by the non profit organization Porteurs d’Images, Île Courts Festival acts as a tool-kit for the development of cinema in Mauritius. Porteurs d’Images is beneficiary of the programme ACPCultures+ under the regional project “The Archipelago of Cinemas”.

Île Courts Festival intends to :
. SHOW > short films from Mauritius, the Indian Ocean and the whole world, screened in various parts of the island, open-air or theatres, villages and cities
. TRAIN > workshops held for various professions in the film industry (scriptwriting, filmmaking, acting, technics, critics…)
. PRODUCE > short films with FILM FABRIK – scriptwriting residence and production programme (28 short films produced since 2009 / 3 in development)
. MEET > offering professionals from the Indian Ocean region to meet and discuss under the FORUM FILM BAZAR
. DATABASE > all movies produced in Mauritius on a web platform through FILM. BOX.