Curtas Vila do Conde



Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in Portugal, reaching its 28th edition in 2020.

Assuming as main objective the promotion and diffusion of cinematographic and audio-visual works, selected according to a quality criteria, Curtas Vila do Conde focus on the discovery of new films and filmmakers and also on the recognised legacy of Cinema.

Short film competitions with animations, documentaries, fiction films, experimental films and music videos, produced in 2019 or 2020, no longer than 60 minutes (exception made, under 30 minutes duration limit, for Curtinhas – youth and children; Take One! – student films; and music videos), preferably with subtitles in Portuguese or English, are admitted to the various competitions.

Side programs, to be progressively announced, will highlight not only a selection on worldwide contemporary short films but also the relations between shorts and features, music and film or art and cinema.

Event date

03.11.2020 ⟶ 11.11.2020

– Great Prize (for the best film in competition) (*);

– Animation Award (to distinguish an animation film in competition);

- Manoel de Oliveira Award (to distinguish a documentary in competition);

- Fiction Award (to distinguish a fiction film in competition).

(*) The film awarded with Great Prize will be Vila do Conde short film candidate for the European Film Awards.

– Best Portuguese Short Film Award (for the best film in the Portuguese competition);
– Best Director Award (to distinguish a director in Portuguese Competition).

The films of the Portuguese Competition also run for the International Competition Awards.

In addition to the prizes awarded by the jury of Portuguese and International Competitions, the festival’s audience will award two films through ranked voting, choosing the best film of the International Competition and the best film of the Portuguese Competition, in both cases corresponding to the highest average:

– Audience Award – International
– Audience Award – Portuguese

This competition is dedicated to experimental films, particularly those that will reveal new approaches to moving images and the development of the language of Cinema. The jury of this competition, composed by a maximum number of 3 recognized professionals, to be designated by the festival board, will attribute the:

– Best Experimental Film Award.

Dedicated competition to music videos of bands or artists of Portuguese origin or produced by Portuguese authors, up to 30 minutes, with a specific jury also composed by a maximum number of 3 recognized professionals to be designated by the festival board, will attribute the prize for:

– Best Music Video.

Dedicated to films up to 30 minutes, directed by Portuguese students, enrolled in Portuguese Universities or in cinema schools or filmmaking courses abroad. The jury of this competition, composed by a maximum number of 3 recognized professionals to be designated by the festival direction, will attribute the:

– Take One! Award.

This competition is dedicated to children’s films rated over 3 years old, and up to 30 minutes. The jury is composed of a large group of children aged from 7 to 13 years old, which will attribute the:

– Curtinhas Award.

(*) Until the announcement of the final program of the 28th Curtas Vila do Conde, in September 2020, the amounts in cash or kind attributable to each award require confirmation.

Event Address
Teatro Municipal Municipal
de Vila do Conde
Av. Dr. João Canavarro
4480-668 Vila do Conde

Admin Address
Curtas Vila do Conde
Festival Internacional de Cinema
Praça José Régio, 110-1
4480-718 Vila do Conde

Entry fee: 13-18$ USD

Salette Ramalho