China International New Media Short Film Festival



Founded in 2010, China International New Media Short Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as “CSFF”) is the only nationally-recognized international short film festival in China, which is held every year in Shenzhen.
The CSFF aims to encourage the creation of outstanding new media short films across the globe, to seek and support young film and television talents, to incubate high-quality film and television creative projects, to facilitate the
integration and development of film & television industry and new media industry, and to promote cultural communication, exchanges and cooperation internationally.

Event date

TBA 2024

The KingBonn Awards (Short Film Director Supporting Program) consists of five regular awards:
Annual KingBonn Short Film,
Annual Drama Short Film,
Annual Documentary Short Film,
Annual Animated Short Film and
Annual College Student Short Film.
It also sets up special themed units according to different years, which shall subject to the announcement of the current year.