BREEDBEELD Short Film Festival



The BREEDBEELD Short Film festival was born in 2009 as CinéPublic, a bi-annual event for upcoming filmmakers. Since 2017 it is organised every year and in 2018 the festival was renamed to the BREEDBEELD Short Film Festival.

Focussing on the broader field of short film features, the annual festival program allows for works of fiction and documentary, as well as animated features, acknowledging the fact that despite an abundance of available talent, the public platform for short features remains limited, definitely so in Antwerp. Convinced that film festivals are breeding grounds for novel ideas and concepts and should always champion exchanges within their respective field of interest, BREEDBEELD decided to combine forces and invited different short film initiatives in Antwerp to present their own program, adjacent to the festival’s competition. All films are contemporary Belgian productions and trough them the different voices of the short film initiatives in the city are represented within one event.

To be eligible for the competition, films must be made without support from the VAF, Screen Flanders or any production company. In this way, the BREEDBEELD Short Film Festival’s aim is to support and represent upcoming filmmakers whose work may not have been screened at major film festivals.

Situating itself within Antwerp’s broader cultural network, the festival also hosts a slew of additional events, ranging from more evident fare such as an opening and closing party, to a decidedly specialised round table discussion that allows for an in-depth probing into the challenges facing the contemporary (aspiring) short film director. Connecting these filmmakers to more matured colleagues, the festival hosts the initiative of the ‘Night of the Youthful Indiscretion’ , featuring the early shorts of now-famous Belgian directors who look back at their first efforts.

Event date

08.11.2019 ⟶ 10.11.2019

There are different awards for fiction, documentary and animation sections.

Event Adress
Villanella VZW / De Studio, Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4 2000 Antwerpen

Admin Adress
Vorstermanstraat 7, bus 1.5
2000 Antwerpen

No entry fee.

Yirka De Brucker

(Coordinator Film Events)

Yirka De Brucker is an art historian, film critic and freelance curator. She studied at the UGhent and the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. She has been active as a freelance contemporary art curator (Argos, S.M.A.K., Antwerp Art Weekend…) and has been involved in the organization of the Filem’On Film Festival. De Brucker was a jury member at the ANIMA and BIFFF film festivals and writes film criticism for Filmmagie, Photogénie and Enola magazine. Currently, she is the coördinator of the BREEDBEELD Kortfilmfestival.