Banatu Filmak



The Basque Distribution Company Banatu Filmak was born in 2010 with the intention of giving a second chance to the works that were outside the KIMUAK regional catalog. Over time, in addition to the distribution in festivals, it has performed other tasks such as production -with ten short films- sales, or consultancies and collaborations in different festivals, being Spanish or International. In these ten years some of the most important names of the Spanish cinema have passed through its catalog. Directors who have made the leap to the feature film or who have forged a long career in international awarded shorts. Nowadays, BANATU FILMAK focuses on searching new talents around the world, directors with a different “regard” & high quality animated shorts.

Admin Adress
Barrio Salud e Higiene, 9. 48480, Arrigorriaga

Aitor Arenas Suso

(Founder & CEO)

Aitor Arenas Suso is Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at UPV/EHU – University of the Basque Country. He likes to call himself “short film activist”, as he has performed every kind of works in short format. He directed and produced several films and has been directing for 21 years the Comedy Festival “Humor en Corto”, from Arrigorriaga, his hometown. As co-founder and current CEO of BANATU FILMAK, one of the most important short film distribution and sales Companies in Spain, he has been collaborating with several national and international festivals and institutions. He is a member of the board of directors of the AIC -Shortfilm Industry Association- in Spain, as well. Nowadays he is professor at UPV/EHU, while he’s collaborating as International Consultant for the CSFF – China International New Media & Short Film Festival in Shenzhen, China; with Abycine Independent Film Festival (Spain) for LANZA, the Festival’s Market; and with EMERGENTE!, a Spanish short film market focused on emerging talent.