A Wall is a Screen



A Wall is a Screen is a combination of short film open air and city tour, and a one time experience.

With their site-specific screenings, the artist group from Hamburg creates a new context for the moving image. Using mobile projection equipment, they transform the public space into a pop up open air cinema.

During the nightly downtime in in the city, the audience and projection team explore different locations where short films of various genres are shown. After the end of each film, the group continues on to the next spot and film.

This combination of guided city tour and a film night creates a new symbioses between architecture and film, where the audience experiences totally new perspectives. They explore the city and the public space in a new and different way. At the same time the projected short film itself is highlighted by giving each film is its unique location, where it resonates with the surrounding.

A Wall is a screen exists since 2003 and has curated and presented more than 300 programs worldwide, collaborating with many international film festivals, institutions and local partners.

Admin Address
A Wall is a Screen e.V.
Kolbenwerk e.G.
Halle 7
Friedensallee 128
22763 Hamburg

Sarah Adam


Sarah Adam is a freelance curator, programmer and program adviser. Her practice evolves around documentary formats and short forms as well as the moving image in the public space. She was the festival director of the dokumentART 2018 in Neubrandenburg, Germany, and curates for the Hamburg International Short Film Festival, the Metopolis Cinema Hamburg and was part of the selection committee for the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival for several years. Sarah is a member of the B-Movie cinema collective in Hamburg, one of the founders of the Arab Filmclub and a member of the artist group A Wall is a Screen.

Picture © Sylvia Grom