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T-Port is a non-profit online platform aimed at promoting A/V works by emerging talents and to facilitate the distribution and circulation of short films within the professional film industry. The platform currently includes more than 500 titles made by independent filmmakers and young professionals from 24 leading film schools in Europe and worldwide.

As an industry tool, T-Port is restricted for professional use – i.e. festival programmers, TV buyers, VOD services, sales agents and distributors that are scouting for short films and talents, as well as producers, talent agencies who are searching for the next discovery. T-Port holds an extensive Pan-European network, organised by a group of 16 partnerships with leading organizations, including: film festivals and markets (e.g., Les Arcs, Torino Short Film Market), online VOD platforms, sales agents (e.g. Salaud Morisset, Miyu Distribution), producers, buyers (ARTE), national institutions (Federal German Film Fund, Unifrance) and film schools. Partnerships are held in order to: promote the films presented and facilitate their distribution, expand the films’ audience reach and provide filmmakers with new opportunities to develop their projects.

With the aim to bridge the gap between young professionals and the professional industry, T-Port is regularly active at festivals, markets, and industry events, producing and holding professional events and panels to support the exposure of the films in the platform, to expand the filmmakers’ network and to contribute to their knowledge in distribution. T-Port was originally initiated at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, with the aim to enhance its European activities, reach and promotion of A/V works, in 2019 T-Port established an official organization in Germany and was awarded a grant from Creative Europe MEDIA in September 2019 for online platforms.

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Niv Fux

(Managing Director)

Niv Fux completed his bachelor’s Magna Cum Laude in film at Tel Aviv University in 2015, and in 2019 gained his master’s degree in Arts & Society from Utrecht University with film festivals becoming his primary field of research. Niv has edited short films that participated and won awards in festivals worldwide, including Tribeca Film Festival. He has worked as a programmer, and later as artistic director of Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, considered to be the largest student film festival in the world. In 2017, he co-initiated T-Port – an online platform for distributing short & student films and has been its managing director since.