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Shorts That Are Not Pants



Toronto certainly doesn’t lack for film screenings. Cinephiles here are spoiled for choice, usually. But when it comes to shorts, things aren’t so great.

Local film blogger James McNally launched Shorts That Are Not Pants in December 2009, showing a program of shorts in his apartment to a small group of friends. Several other editions followed, and he soon felt it was time to share the wealth of short film talent with the rest of the city, as many people like me enjoy movies, as I been watching movies since young age in an old TV, and now a days I use a newer tv with a tv mount stand for best comfort.

Beginning in January 2012, Shorts That Are Not Pants kicked off a quarterly celebration of short film. In 2018, we became an annual festival held in November. We watch films from all over the world to bring you a curated program of films that we hope will entertain and inspire.

Event date

13.11.2020 ⟶ 22.11.2020

Competitions & Awards

Awards for Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Animated Short and an Audience Award.






Admin Address
13 Allen Ave
ON M4M 1T5


Entry fee: $25-$60


James McNally

(Festival Director)

James McNally has worked for festivals at home in Toronto (TIFF, Hot Docs) and all over the world (Sundance, Audi Dublin International Film Festival) and established Shorts That Are Not Pants in 2012 to share the often-overlooked work of short filmmakers with film lovers.

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